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Leading Edge

  • On the Leading Edge of Aviation

    On the Leading Edge of Aviation

    Leading Edge is proud to be a part of North Central West Virginia.  We were raised in the hills of West Virginia and love the natural beauty of this fine state.  However, if you haven't seen it from a low altitude flying helicopter or airplane, we feel you are missing out on the unbelievable sights West Virginia has to offer.  What could be more fun than that?  Navigating through the mountainous terrain. . . behind the controls.  So what is Leading Edge?

    More than anything, Leading Edge has a passion for being in the air.  If we had a choice to drive to the mall ten minutes away, or take a helicopter, the latter would win every time.  Leading Edge is about sharing that passion with others and helping attain what we all have, a desire to grow wings and fly.  Our flight training is second to none, and our aircraft management and maintenance team treat your aircraft as if it were their own.

  • Get Your Wings
    Get Your Wings

    Think you have what it takes to be an aviator?

    What does a professional helicopter pilot look like? A buttoned-down ex military man with a crew cut, starched collar with a steely gleam in his eyes? A former hippy candle maker with a bushy beard and wrinkled clothing that still smells faintly of patchouli? A 40-something former pipefitter with two kids in college and a mid-life crisis?

  • Special Events
    Special Events

    Want to make your event EXTRAordinary?

    Add helicopter flights and really set your event apart.

  • F.A.Q.'s

    So you want to fly but you need more info. . .

    Here you can find some answers to the most common questions we are asked.  Give us one we've never heard or forgotten and we'll add it to the list.