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Fixed-Wing Flight School.

Leading Edge is the perfect place to earn your wings.  West Virginia has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country.  We think so at least.  One of the major benefits in training in West Virginia is our climate.  We experience 4 distinct seasons which allow our students to really gain an advantage over other training schools.  From 100 degree heat, to a few feet of snow and everything in between, our climate is fantastic for sharpening your skills. 

Introductory Flight
Leading Edge is pleased to offer an INTRODUCTORY FLIGHT for our fixed wing flight school.  Our goal is to give you an opportunity to see if this is something that you truly want to do.  Not only will we take you up, but you'll be behind the controls.  (No need to worry, our expert flight instructors have a set of controls to make certain everything goes smoothly.)  We offer this flight at just $75.00.  You can also purchase gift certificates to give to someone else.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this amazing opportunity, give us a call or send us an e-mail via the contact page.

Private Pilot School
Leading Edge's Flight School is designed to incorporate the learning of aeronautical knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge to in-flight training. Each phase follows a planned progression incorporating academic studies and flight training in the aircraft. Our training is tailored to obtain the competence level required to operate in some of the most complex airspace in the world. Students will be trained to deal with real-life situations that will enhance their confidence and piloting abilities. This training provides a high degree of flexibility for adapting to the individual student's needs and experience.

For this rating the FAA requires a minimum of 40 hours flight time, of which 20 must be dual (with an instructor) and 10 must be solo (without an instructor). In the private pilot course, students will progress to the level of proficiency required for the FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

Instrument Rating
For this rating the FAA requires that you have a minimum of a private license.
The Instrument Training Program is designed to meet the challenges of flying the aircraft in adverse weather conditions. You will develop the technique and skills necessary to navigate and maneuver the aircraft solely by reference to the flight instruments. Learning to fly in the Air Traffic Control System like the professionals will enhance your ability to meet the demands of operating in today's complex airspace. In the instrument pilot course, students will progress to the level of proficiency required for the FAA Instument Rating.

You must have logged 50 hours of cross-country flights of at least 50 nautical miles distance. You must also have received 40 hours of instrument instruction, of which twenty can be in a flight simulator.

The cost for an instrument rating depends, of course, upon whether you have all the required cross-country. Assuming you have met these requirements, a minimum course consists of 10 hours of simulator time and 30 hours of instruction in the airplane.

Commercial License
Commercial pilots are professionals who are able to earn money for their piloting services. Commercial Pilot training at Leading Edge provides an invaluable learning experience for the career pilot.

Commercial training is offered in both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. For Part 61 only, one must complete a minimum of 250 hours of flight time, which must include at least 15 hours of complex aircraft time. (10 hours dual instruction, 5 hours as PIC).


  1. These are the FAA minimums. The average candidate usually requires additional dual instruction before they are prepared for their examination